So much for courage.

As I wrote yesterday the Republican Study Committee issued a sensible report on Copyright reform. Now it seems they have been forced to delete and disown their own report:

So, late Friday, we reported on how the Republican Study Committee (the conservative caucus of House Republicans) had put out a surprisingly awesome report about copyright reform. You can read that post to see the details. The report had been fully vetted and reviewed by the RSC before it was released. However, as soon as it was published, the MPAA and RIAA apparently went ballistic and hit the phones hard, demanding that the RSC take down the report. They succeeded. Even though the report had been fully vetted and approved by the RSC, executive director Paul S. Teller has now retracted it, sending out the following email to a wide list of folks this afternoon:

    From: Teller, Paul
    Sent: Saturday, November 17, 2012 04:11 PM
    Subject: RSC Copyright PB

    We at the RSC take pride in providing informative analysis of major policy issues and pending legislation that accounts for the range of perspectives held by RSC Members and within the conservative community. Yesterday you received a Policy Brief on copyright law that was published without adequate review within the RSC and failed to meet that standard. Copyright reform would have far-reaching impacts, so it is incredibly important that it be approached with all facts and viewpoints in hand. As the RSC’s Executive Director, I apologize and take full responsibility for this oversight. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and a meaningful Thanksgiving holiday....

    Paul S. Teller
    Executive Director
    U.S. House Republican Study Committee

The idea that this was published "without adequate review" is silly. Stuff doesn't just randomly appear on the RSC website. Anything being posted there has gone through the same full review process. What happened, instead, was that the entertainment industry's lobbyists went crazy, and some in the GOP folded.

Cowardly doesn't even begin to describe this act. For those wondering about the role of money in politics you just got a quick lesson, the entire document was a statement of their principles and was shoved aside when campaign contributors made some phone calls.

A party clearly unfit for leadership in a free country.

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