We all know how good an election night victory celebration feels. But what about those close races, the ones that take a week or more to learn the outcome?

Today we went to the volunteer victory celebration party for Congressman elect Dr. Ami Bera (D) who won a close race against encumbent Dan Lungren (R) in California's 7th congressional district.

Let me just say... as we pulled into the parking lot you could just feel the energy. We knew we were in the right place as we pulled our Prius into a parking lot filled with 'Pree-Eye', most sporting Obama, 99%, Bera stickers, on and on.

After parking and walking towards the election HQ office the excitement grew and as we walked into the crowd the most amazing wave of awesome washed over us and I just had to stop and let it soak in.

There were some light refreshments provided, but the campaign asked for folks to bring some snacks if they could. Boy oh boy did they bring snacks. The tables were bowing in the middle with all of the delights the supporters were bringing. We made our way to the table to drop off a couple bags of chips and some wine. Our friend Jo who was working behind the table remarked it was like the mid-west where no one arrives empty handed. As an Iowa boy I had to agree!

The headquarters office was packed so we made our way outside to mingle in the overflow crowd.

Shortly after Congressman-elect Bera arrived.

The applause was immediate and heartfelt the moment he was spotted. Dr. Bera continued to mingle outside (he really didn't have a choice, can you say mob scene for photo's?)

Eventually he moved into the room and continued to shake hands, thank supporters and graciously continue posing for photo's.

To be honest I don't think the campaign expected such a huge turnout. They quickly decided Dr. Bera needed a platform to speak to his supporters and pulled up a pickup outside the entrance for Dr. Bera to speak from the bed. (Scott Brown has nothing over Dr. Bera)

They asked supporters to gather around with signs (the local news station had arrived) and that's me holding the sign up high.

Dr. Bera made his remarks talking about how he didn't win the seat, it was his volunteers and supporters that made the difference and brought home the win. He talked about how important education would be, woman's rights and the need for his supporters to continue being vocal and helping achieve what he was elected to do.

As he finished his remarks he invited his wife and daughter up onto the truck bed and said the reason he wanted the job of representing California's 7th district was because of his wife and daughter and wanting a better future for his child and (potential) grandchildren.

As things wrapped up he took the time to pose with his volunteer youth staff. I can't tell you how awesome it was to see so many young people engaged in the campaign. It really gave me a sense of hope to see so many working hard to elect a real progressive into office. Can you say goosebumps?

This is our friend Jo (on the left) who worked so hard helping serve refreshments (and the campaign) who was finally able to get her photo with Dr. Bera.

Dr. Bera goes to Washington

Freshman Orientation Week

So... election night victory celebrations? Nice.

Election victories a week or later after a close race and slow ballot counts? AWESOME!

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