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100 Days for Medicaid Campaign - Adopt a Day to Call the Governor

Will the Governor refuse the best opportunity we have to get healthcare coverage for 200,000 uninsured New Mexicans?  Starting in 2014, Medicaid can be provided to every low-income adult under 138% of the poverty level, including low wage workers and people who have recently lost their jobs. But Governor Martinez is undecided about whether to take this opportunity with Medicaid even though doing so would cost New Mexico nothing and get healthcare for nearly every low-income New Mexican. The federal government will pay for the full cost of Medicaid for three years and then pay for 90% of the cost after that. The state would then be responsible for the other 10 cents on the dollar, but these costs will be more than covered by the ripple effect of over $6 billion federal dollars coming into the state, generating tens of thousands of new healthcare jobs and business revenues.  We must let the Governor know that New Mexicans want coverage for all low-income people. Ask her to seize the Medicaid opportunity!

You Can Help — Adopt a day to call the Governor.

Adopt a day that you will commit your organization, your network or your family and friends to having at least ten people call the Governor’s office. Our goal is to have the Governor receive at least 10 calls every day, for the next 100 weekdays, from all over the state.

Step 1: Take a look at which days are available below and choose one to make your calls.

Step 2: Contact Leila at Leila (at) nmpovertylaw.org to adopt your day.  Leila will update the calendar and send you an information sheet that will help people with making calls.

Step 3: Contact your network to make calls and distribute the calling information sheet, which will be provided to you after you choose a day to call in.

Step 4: Remind everyone to make their calls a few days in advance and again on your day.

Days that are still available — Sign up now...

Thank you!  Your calls will help the Governor know New Mexicans want healthcare for everyone.

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