This is now several days old, but I hadn't seen it diairied yet.  Congressman Mike McIntyre has held on to beat David Rouzer in the redrawn 7th Congressional district that includes Wilmington, NC.  Unless Rouzer decides to pull an Allen West, and he may, add another Democrat to the column, or rather one that we barely survived.

This should come as mixed news, as McIntyre is a quintessential "Blue Dog," routinely votes with Republicans on numerous issues (if my memory serves me correct, that includes major legislation like the Affordable Care Act).  He's also alleged to have ties to the Christian fundamentalist group based in Arlington known as "the Family"  (a link to Jeff Sharlet's fantastic expose of the same name).  All of this has given me serious reservation about McIntyre and I would personally like to see him lose the seat, but not to an even more conservative Republican.

On the plus side, McIntyre is very smart and articulate, and seems to be hardworking and hold a firm grasp of issues that are of importance to his constituents.  This is also a year in which Democrats were absolutely hammered with redistricting in North Carolina, resulting in a loss of three congressional seats (and that coming during a very favorable election for Democrats).  We also lost the Governor's mansion at a time when our state legislature is under full and unambiguous Republican control.  Dark times in North Carolina.  So at this time, a win is a win, and I'll take it.

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