Missouri Congressman Todd Akin
Read their lips: no more Todd Akins.

In the wake of the GOP’s Election Day beatdown, influential Republican senators say enough’s enough: Party leaders need to put the kibosh on the kind of savage primaries that yielded candidates like Akin — and crippled Republican prospects of taking the Senate in two straight election cycles.

And who do they blame for Todd Akin? None other than Democrats:
“I do think when the Democrats decided to play in a primary, that ought to catch our attention,” said Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, who was recently named vice chairman of finance for the NRSC next cycle. “That was an opportunity for us to help at least to respond to the Democrat attempts in Missouri to choose a candidate they wanted. We should have at least been able to level the playing field.”
Hmmm. Portman seems to be forgetting about that little thing called "Republican primary voters are completely nuts."

Sure, during the primary Democrats ran ads attacking Todd Akin as "too conservative," but if that's what pushed Akin to victory in the primary Rob Portman's real problem is with the GOP base, not with Democrats. And to the extent Republicans keep on nominating dingbat lunatics, doesn't Occam's razor suggest that maybe Republican voters themselves are the dingbat lunatics?

Yet the incoming head of the GOP's campaign committee pays lip service to the notion of local control:

“We ought to make certain that if we get engaged in primaries that we’re doing it based on the desires, the electability and the input of people back in the states that we’re talking about,” Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran, the incoming National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman, told POLITICO. “And not from the perception of what political operatives from Washington, D.C., think about who ought to be the candidate in state X.”
Complete gibberish. He cannot possibly mean those words, because if we've established one thing over the last two or three years it should be this: when it comes to Senate Republican primaries, the "people back in the states" are stark raving lunatics. And the only thing crazier than how they are voting in these primaries is the idea that Republican hacks in Washington, D.C. can do anything to change it.

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