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However, they are on holiday this week.  

Reruns tonight may be:

Jon:  no clue.  
Stephen:  Newt on Monday; Doris Kearns Goodwin on Tuesday (Lincoln is sexy!); Ken Burns on Wednesday.

Social Hour:  Please share what you're drinking or eating, what you're doing, how your day went.

This diary will be appearing at 8pm Pacific, 11pm Eastern Monday through Thursday for your entertainment and routine expectations.  

Alternate Holidays

For many years I had a fantasy of watching football and eating snack food all day long on Thanksgiving.  I was hosting dinner for a wide group of people, cooking and cleaning the entire 4 days before the dinner.  

Two years ago, life changed completely.  Last Thanksgiving weekend, I took my kids to St. George, Utah for a little vacation.  This year, the kids will be with their dad from 8a to 8p Thursday, Friday, & Saturday. And Sunday noon to 7:30p.  Oh, and some time on Wednesday afternoon, and I want them back for church at 7p.  

And of course, I am boycotting the NFL this season.  First, Junior Seau died.  Second, the NFL management tried to screw the Referees Union.  Third, the NFL management has not come clean about the physical damage retired players continue to suffer, especially with regard to head injuries.  

So now I have all this free time and no football to watch.  I will also be detoxing from diet Coke, my second attempt.  I can replace the carbonation with club soda or seltzer.  I can replace the caffeine with green or black tea.  The aspartame, however, is the sucky part.  I am slowly slowly decreasing, and T-day weekend will hopefully be able to quit.  Or otherwise suffer through quitting.

In between, there's sleeping, napping, eating, knitting, reading, & Doctor Who.  Also bubblybathing, perhaps a movie or two.  Maybe some NBA.  College sports.  

I have a box of food from my co-op that I am cooking my way through.  

I do not shop on Black Friday.  I have a few ideas for Small Business Saturday.  



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