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I just got on Medicare in April, and went with Humana. Haven't used it yet, but called the doctor I use, and his office says they take every other insurance except Humana.

That shocked me. Every other insurance except Humana? That made me want to split from Humana immediately while it's still open enrollment time.

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I don't take any medications, and just want to do my yearly checkup and a couple of preventive screenings. I assume most advantage plans offer pretty much the same things, but since this is the first time I've had insurance in a long time, I just don't know what companies are best.

My doctor takes United (AARP), and I've got one of their agents coming out to speak with me. But I'm asking if any of you have any experiences to relate, or information about which companies are good with Medicare Advantage.

This isn't really a diary, it's an attempt to have a conversation about Medicare Advantage. So I thank you in advance.

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