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Well I was watching The Five earlier today, as I usually do because its one of the few things on at five in the evening, and I have to say that the pundits are already turning on their own.

New Jersey Gov Chris Christy is soundly in the crosshairs of the right for his praise of President Obama before the election. They're complaining that he shouldn't have been on Saturday Night Live while there were still houses destroyed and people without power. Now I have to wonder, what is the Governor to do? Should he just wave a magic wand and make the power company work faster than may be safe? Should he use this same wand to magically make the houses back to the way they were before the hurricane?

Look I'm not a supporter of Gov Christy on a number of issues but even I think that the circular firing squad isn't terribly productive.

It seems like Fox News and the Republican Party want to blame everyone but their candidates for their losses. They blame the media, the blame Gov Christy, they blame the people for voting for the President. There seems to be plenty of blame to go around except for where it is soundly deserved.

Its not the Democratic candidates that made comments about "legitimate rape" or complained that their opponent talked too much about her service in the army. Its not the liberals who talked about there being 47% of the people who don't want to take responsibility for their lives. We didn't nominate deadbeat dads who believed that abortions were never necessary to save the life of the mother and we didn't nominate people who wanted to make things easier for the very rich while taking away programs that help the poor.

They just don't seem capable of learning from their mistakes. They look at the world and believe that if we just cut programs like meals on wheels then people will just pull themselves up by their bootstraps and be fine, all the while forgetting that there are people who don't even have bootstraps to pull themselves up with.

So go ahead Republicans. Keep lying to yourselves about why you lost and keep believing that your ideas won and that the President stole the election because the more you talk about these things the more people will run away from you.

They just never learn do they?

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May God bless you and may God be gracious to you

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