Okay, okay, it's only a Bay. Plus there's a bridge. And a tunnel. And ferries. Still, many times it seems like San Francisco is a world away from the East Bay. What's brewing with #DefendJodie and the Occupy Oakland Foreclosure Defense Group's eviction defense of her house, that we would undertake such a journey across so great a Bay?

The good news:
  Jodie is still in her house. Occupiers are still, well, occupying it, and we even had a movie night (featuring 'The Brave Little Toaster') for the neighborhood. It didn't even rain!

The bad news:
  Jodie still doesn't have anyone she can talk to in a position of authority at Morgan Stanley who is willing to make decisions. It doesn't seem like much, but when you've made $561 million in profit last quarter alone I suppose sometimes it's hard to figure out who's responsible for one little house in Alameda, CA.

Thus our decision to undertake the trek to the heart of San Francisco's financial district. There not be dragons (it is next to Chinatown, which occasionally DOES have dragons...), but there be tall monoliths filled with space aliens.

Now we take the eviction defense of Jodie Randolph to the bank's doorstep! Again!

We've got round-the-clock defense of the home. We put Morgan Stanley on notice and shut down their Oakland office with a group delegation two weeks ago. We've shut down the phone lines to one of their executive's offices with a 2-day phone blast campaign.

Now that we've got their attention, we demand that we speak with someone with decision making ability.

We are ready to negotiate a repurchase agreement and we demand a shotcaller be put on the case!



We gather at the BART station for a pre-action briefing, then march to the SF offices of Morgan Stanley where we will deliver our demands and seek a sitdown meeting with John Sheldon, the SF managing director. Press conference afterwards.

Jodie's Story so Far

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Day 2: Update on #DefendJodie, The Woman Undergoing Cancer Treatments About to Be Evicted From Her House.
Day 3: The Realtor Arrives. The Realtor Threatens Jodie. Jodie Stays.
Day 5: We Shut Down Morgan Stanley's Phone Line.
Day 8: In Which We Are Contacted by An Alien Life Form.
Day 9: In Which The Issues of Foreclosure & Eviction Get International Attention.

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