In the little community called J Town, right across the square from those cute little houses with the great big porches, is a little bar called the F Bomb.

Sidle up to the bar and listen to the conversation.  The biggest topic? The hubris of Allen West.  Only big because it takes up so much eFFing space! This kind of delusion should be treated like nuclear waste.

Here are some tweets for ya:

On This Day

In 1789, New Jersey became the first state to ratify the Bill of Rights.

In 1820, it is said that an 80-ton sperm whale attacked and destroyed the whaling ship Essex 2,000 miles from the west coast of South America. The story was partial inspiration for Melville's Moby Dick.

In 1945, the Nuremberg trials began.

In 1947, then-Princess Elizabeth married Philip Mountbatten at Westminster Abbey, which was broadcast on BBC radio to 200 million listeners. She used ration coupons to buy the fabric for her dress.

In 1962,  in response to the Soviet Union agreeing to remove its missiles, President  Kennedy ended the quarantine on Cuba.

In 1969, the Cleveland Plain Dealer published explicit photographs of dead villagers from the My Lai massacre.

In 1974, the Department of Justice filed its final anti-trust suit against AT&T Corporation, ultimately leading to the breakup of AT&T and its Bell System (which sometimes appears to be trying to re-form).

In 1985, Microsoft Windows 1.0 was released.

Born on This Day

1625 – Paulus Potter, Dutch painter (d. 1654)

Paulus Potter - A Young Bull and Two Cows in a Meadow, 1649 at The Queen's Gallery Buckingham Palace London England

1839 – Christian Wilberg, German painter (d. 1882)


1908 – Alistair Cooke, British-born journalist who some fogies remember as the host of Masterpiece Theater. (d. 2004)

1910 – Kees Bastiaans, Dutch painter (d. 1986)


1913 – Judy Canova, American actress (d. 1983)

Eddie Foy Jr and Judy Canova

1914 – Emilio Pucci, Italian fashion designer (d. 1992)

Braniff Emilio Pucci Flight Attendant Uniform

1916 – Evelyn Keyes, American actress (d. 2008)


1917 – Robert Byrd, American politician, longest serving member of the United States Congress (d. 2010)

1925 – Kaye Ballard, American comic actress

1939 – Dick Smothers, American comedian

1942 – Joe Biden, 47th Vice President of the United States.


1942 – Norman Greenbaum, American singer

1946 – Duane Allman, American guitarist (The Allman Brothers Band) (d. 1971)

1947 – Joe Walsh (the real one), American musician (Eagles, James Gang)

1965 – Mike D, American musician (Beastie Boys)

1965 – Sen Dog, Cuban rapper (Cypress Hill)

1975 – Davey Havok, American singer (AFI)

1986 – Jared Followill, American rock musician (Kings of Leon)

Died on This Day

1678- Karel Dujardin, Dutch painter (b. 1622).


1695 – Zumbi, Brazilian slave (b. 1655)

1880 - Léon Cogniet, French painter (b. 1794)

The Artist in His Room at the Villa Medici, Rome

1954 – Clyde Vernon Cessna, American aviation designer (b. 1879)

1957 – Mstislav Dobuzhinsky, Russian-born Lithuanian artist (d. 1875)

1978 – Giorgio de Chirico, Italian painter (b.1888)

2005 – Chris Whitley, American musician (b. 1960)

2006 – Robert Altman, American film director (b. 1925)

Today is

Universal Children's Day
National Absurdity Day
National Peanut Butter Fudge Day
Noveau Beaujolais Day
Beautiful Day


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