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I'm straight, but now at age 60 and with a lot of highway behind me, I'm beginning to wonder if "straight" isn't a label, a politically incorrect, even denigrating slur.

Do the math, and it's OK to count on your fingers, but since the 1960s at least, almost every "group" in our culture has redefined themselves.

Why am I labeled as "straight" because I happen to be a labeled as a heterosexual?

OK, I know, the whole hetero/homo thing is linguistically idiotic, but most of us were in our 20s before we could be cool about that, either way. 

I celebrate our nations progress toward understanding and accepting reality in this regard (call it diversity if you like) but, back to my main point...

Why am I labelled as being "Straight" if it just so happens I'm into coitus?

Coitus was originally a term used in astrology, please do check it out, and became specifically: penis into vagina (with vigor) ejaculatory sex.

OK... Back to the "Straight" thing... I dig it that Gay has replaced quite a few offensive references. I like Lesbian, would love to vacation on Lesbos, and I can't argue with "Bi-" even though I have a few doubts about that... but "Straight" really doesn't come close to my experience as, and with, heterosexuals.

"Coitusians" doesn't have any ring to it. "Boinkers" lacks eloquence. Hours with a thesaurus gets one nowhere... Who am I? Except, for sure, not straight!

I'm going to "coin" a phrase here, free to Kos & Community: LOVEYS.

It's not gender based, takes nothing away from more specifically oriented phraseology, and really puts a nice shine on a sexually oriented type of behaviour.

* * * *

Bend me, shape me, anyway you want me,
S'long as it's straight. Comments welcome.

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