Our 7 year old came home from school all a flutter Friday evening.  The Thanksgiving break has arrived for the kids and our own little one was gathering printer copy paper and flying into the bedroom to look for colors.  

I sometimes show Sierra, her actual name, (like The Sierra Club) pics of work I do online.  I may show her a veteran family or sometimes bore her with pics of my latest diary, like the milkman video from you tube.  I alway knew that she is smart and inovative and always
felt she would be the one to pick up the torch of advocacy but thought it would
be for veterans.   I even thought she might be an advocate to help hurt animals because she loves little dogs and cats.   I never in my wildest dreams thought she would be an environmentalist advocate.  I should have known, with her love of nature.  Our little one has her own agenda and starting early !    She stands and looks into the skies and listens for every bird and watches for litter in the street.  She  loves putting on her Native American attire and sitting around a fire in the yard and listen to owls and helps her Dad in the flower bed.   My husband spends
much time explaining the Native American ways to her.  He points out birds and her
Indian name chosen is Little Feather.

The copy paper and crayons were for invitations to her new club she invented.  LOLA's Club.   She always loved the name Lola  Probably because of Bugs Bunny but she told me she was going to have a club about nature.  She was going to go to every class and invite kids here.   I stopped what I was doing and said. "Here, you are inviting kids here?" " What are you doing Sierra'"  ?  " Mommie, aren't you listening"?  I am going to make kids pay attention to clean ground.   I want the oceans clean.   You know, like when that junk all white and messy and bubbly washed up on my feet and you wouldn't let me play in the water.  (We were at the Gulf of Mexico and that junk was scary and I wouldn't let her in the water in 2011).

 I listened with interest thinking about Vice President Al Gore's post here recently and his initiative with climate change.
I thought, " Well, she knows nothing about the VP or Climate change but she sure knows she wants clean air and water.   She asked me if I could get them some potato chips and stuff for their club?  I smiled and said, " I think I  could arrange a couple of pizzas when you put your club together,"   She literally wanted her club to pick up garbage in any neighbor's yard but I said, " No, you and your little friends need to make people aware of something called Climate change and the environment."  We will talk about your plans when you get your invitations and group together.   She happily ran into her room and gathered her crayons and paper after I got a big hug and kiss.

I am so proud of her.   I know Vice President Gore would be.  This generation of children are more aware of things that I had given them credit for.   L O L A.
It may be a game for her now but something tells me since she knows the Sierra Club name has already been taken, so she chose LOLA.  Sierra is something else.  I have no doubt she would have named her club Sierra Club ..lol. Had this not already existed.

L ...Love
O   Our
L    Land
A    Awareness

I did help in the respect to make LOLA stand for something environmental and  she liked it.  I am pleased.  I will have to take a back seat to this little one, one day.

Happy Thankgsving all.  I hope to post a diary regarding an Afghan vet unemloyed with kids and PTSD, that got helped yesterday.  I am still smiling about both efforts.  The vet help and the little one's initiative.   I am very proud of her.  
We are very thankful for these kids.  Check out her shirt..She almost always wears peace clothes.

All props have to be given to my husband who has taught her since she was walking about nature and the appreciation of the environment.

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