Wow, this may be the most fun I've had reading since Harry Potter.

The title of the article on the Phoenix New Times site is "Arizona Republicans Found Out Barack Obama Won Re-Election, and Things Got Very Awkward". Among the delicious highlights after Obama was declared the victor?

Then Congressman Trent Franks upped the awkwardness ante. Franks, who easily won re-election, tried twice to quiet the room down in that stern voice he'll use when he's acting serious about something, which is typically abortion. Nobody listened, and Franks said something about his voice not being very strong at the time before going on with his remarks.
Oh, and this.
Despite the fact that everyone else in the room was groaning amongst themselves, Montgomery did the only thing he could do, which was to finish his remarks. He did so, but looked visibly flustered, as it was painfully obvious that he was the only one with a microphone in a room full of people, and just about nobody listened to a word he had to say.
Head on over to SadRepublicans for the scoop on the scoop!

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