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"@missmollie33: It's official! The mediator deemed all of us a 'health & safety hazard', #ILWU cannot go to work." http://campl.us/...
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The #N20 #PortStrike needs relief! Come down for the 4pm-7 shift Shuttles leave from W. Oak BART 4-6pm bring rain gear, hot tea, snacks #oo

Original diary:

Last evening I reported on the biggest unreported labor story in a while, possibly bigger than the twinkie saga. SEIU Local 1021, without a contract from the Port of Oakland for sixteen months, was setting up picket lines at the Oakland Airport last night and would be attempting to shut down the Port of Oakland, the nation's fifth largest port, this morning.

Apparently they have succeeded. A Tweet from Kossack missmollie33, an Occupy Oaklander walking the picket line with Kossack allie123 and others in support of SEIU 21 broke the news:

Mollie @missmollie33
BREAKING NEWS: #PortShutdown #Oakland #N20 report from union worker just now, it's ALL shutdown, NO WORK is happening!
After speaking with her on the phone, she confirms that trucks have started to turn around and leave the port without loading.

Shut it down! Haulers lined up with nowhere to go.

As reported on by SF Weekly earlier

Amid the morning rain, hundreds of union workers were at the picket line at 6 a.m. sharp as part of a 24-hour strike, attempting to shut down the Port of Oakland and get executives back at the bargaining table.

The port's plumbers, janitors, and electricians, all represented by SEIU Local 1021, kicked off the strike last night at the Oakland International Airport, fighting against what they call "unfair labor attacks." They say port executives have violated California State Law by withholding vital financial information from the union.

This is a one-day strike attempting to send a clear message to the one percent who run the Port of Oakland: the workers are sick and tired of management making more and more (while spending hard-earned Port revenues on strip clubs) while demanding that workers get less and less. If they are incapable of understanding the message, expect the actions to escalate.

Many people from Occupy Oakland, and activist groups like the Justice 4 Alan Blueford Coalition (which recently received an endorsement of its goals from SEIU Local 1021) have reciprocated, coming out in the early morning rain in support:


Together they succeeded.

Port spokesman Isaac Kos-Read says the workers were preventing trucks from entering the facility Tuesday morning. Longshoremen were also being kept from their jobs.

Kos-Read says six of the seven terminals at the port had waiting ships in what was expected to be a busy day in the midst of the holiday season.

Here's how the morning unfolded, from 5:00 AM onward, as allie123 and others tell the story in tweets:
Alyssa @alyssa011968
#OO #OccupyOakland #PortShutdown #SEIU this is a unfair labor practice strike! hey all the shit gets talked about #oo we were some 1st here

Alyssa @alyssa011968
#OO #OccupyOakland #PortShutdown #SEIU it's getting packed & its pouring. but we shut it foen pic.twitter.com/jdmrKOzb

HAPPENING NOW: Union Strikes at the Port of Oakland and Oakland Intl. Airport are disrupting morning operations. pic.twitter.com/lP9VRvbw

Alyssa @alyssa011968
about 10 media vans here #OO #OccupyOakland #PortShutdown #SEIU & police van front gate ssa

Alyssa @alyssa011968
#OO #OccupyOakland #PortShutdown #SEIU ok we r here. and there is coffee!! pic.twitter.com/6oi0UqeG

Alyssa @alyssa011968
group from #OO went to block another terminal but stay here. trucks to block #OO #OccupyOakland #PortShutdown #SEIU pic.twitter.com/dMiVfrXo

Alyssa @alyssa011968
#OO #OccupyOakland #PortShutdown #SEIU this big deal as @OakScott pointed out don't remember union doing something like this in last 20+ yrs

Alyssa @alyssa011968
"Port of Oakland ur no good. Treat ur workers like u should!" line of trucks blocked #OO #OccupyOakland #PortShutdown pic.twitter.com/vNfC0l50

Mollie @missmollie33
Rise Up, Shut It Down, #Oakland Is The People's Town! #solidarity to #SEIU 1021 from #Justice4AlanBlueford coalition

Alyssa @alyssa011968
trucks leaving- APL is shutdown. #OO #OccupyOakland #PortShutdown #SEIU pic.twitter.com/tXSL4CpC

OOSomebody @OOSomebody
URGENT! More people needed at APL berth 60-63 trucks n cars getting in. #occupyoakland @alyssa011968 @OakScott #portshutdown

Mollie @missmollie33
BREAKING NEWS: #PortShutdown #Oakland #N20 report from union worker just now, it's ALL shutdown, NO WORK is happening!

mary mad @marymad
.@KTVU is now reporting on the port strike in #Oakland. Longshoremen will not cross picket lines. http://www.ktvu.com/...

Mollie @missmollie33
This truck driver said his dispatcher said "oh don't worry, the cops will be there soon to get rid of #SEIU" #OO #J4AB pic.twitter.com/Mw7oOehK

Mike Elk @MikeElk
Portland of Oakland entrances shut down by striking janitors: http://apne.ws/...

Alyssa @alyssa011968
#OO #OccupyOakland #PortShutdown #SEIU waiting for arbitrator

Keep on truckin' walkin'

I'll keep this diary updated with any further developments. Here is the SEIU's very recent announcement of the success of the action so far and plans for later in the day:

UPDATE 9 AM: Press conference being held shortly at 1717 Middle Harbor Way, look for the oversized rat. Port workers and their allies have effectively shut down the Port of Oakland. Port unions have respected SEIU Local 1021's picket line. The previously planned Airport Rally for 12 NOON is canceled. Workers must maintain the picket lines at the harbor. For more information, call Anna Bakalis 510-387-5341.
The call is still out to come to the Port to maintain the picket lines and make sure the lines hold from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.  If I weren't almost dropping over with a nasty cold and sore throat I'd be there and you wouldn't be reading this diary!

It' warmer and the rain has stopped! J4AB Coalition member and OO participant currently (circa 10:00 AM) on the picket line in support of the SEIU.


Photo credits: Allie123 (Alyssa) and Missmollie33 (Mollie) took these photos.

9:47 AM PT:

Alyssa ‏@alyssa011968

#OO #OccupyOakland #PortShutdown #SEIU trucks leaving now just waiting for arbitrator pic.twitter.com/bfOAmKTh
10:40 AM PT:
HobgoblinOfCommunism ‏@OakScott

Chanting "We will, we will close you!" at the Port of Oakland
10:41 AM PT:
not an oogle ‏@notanoogle

Bringing sandwiches to the 4pm shift would also be a dope way to support people if you can't stay and hang out to blockade some capital

SEIU 1021 ‏@seiu1021

Going strong & holding the picket down at the Port. pic.twitter.com/u45DiFB9

10:43 AM PT:

10:55 AM PT:

Emily Loftis ‏@eloft

Oakland #port is shut down. Maybe not as sexy as Twinkies, but its just the beginning for Port of Oakland & West Coast: http://bit.ly/...

Alyssa ‏@alyssa011968

#OO #OccupyOakland #PortShutdown #SEIU #J4AB stands w/SEIU. Adam Blueford will speak

11:03 AM PT:
Mollie ‏@missmollie33

Port Worker Unity, That's Our Call! An Injury To One Is An Injury To ALL! #PortShutdown #Justice4AlanBlueford #OO http://campl.us/...

11:17 AM PT: Striking workers shut down operations at Port of Oakland

OAKLAND -- Striking workers brought operations to a halt at gates to the Port of Oakland this morning, leaving more than 100 trucks lined up waiting to get in.

About 100 trucks lined Middle Harbor Road outside the Port's gates Tuesday morning as about 200 workers and union supporters carried signs, blocking most entrances. The strike is being honored by members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, who load and unload cargo containers on ships and trucks at the port, effectively shutting down port operations.

-- InsideBayArea
11:19 AM PT:
Alyssa ‏@alyssa011968

@eloft i was resting when Dave Welsh marched by leading "we shall not be moved" i had to get up start marching. #OO #OccupyOakland
11:47 AM PT:
Alyssa ‏@alyssa011968

#OO #OccupyOakland #PortShutdown #SEIU pigs lied for 1%!tried to make us let pple in so they could say its safe

Alyssa ‏@alyssa011968

#OO #OccupyOakland #PortShutdown #SEIU "we r health& safety threat!" so don't fuck w/us

11:57 AM PT:
Emily Loftis ‏@eloft

via Naomi who's @ Oakland #portshutdown: "One of my favorite pasttimes: being officially declared a 'health and safety hazard.'" #solidarity
1:24 PM PT:
HobgoblinOfCommunism ‏@OakScott

Several nurses just showed up at SSA!
The Nurse's union, CNA, also went on strike today at 10 areas hospitals.
2:26 PM PT:
JP Massar ‏@jpmassar

Port Strike making news. http://www.washingtonpost.com/...http://www.dailykos.com/... … #oo #ows @OccupyOakland @occupysf @CourtneyOccupy @OccupyWallStNYC

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