This video was posted a long time ago, back in April 2012 as a matter of fact but it gives a lot of people hope, particularly those who are Black or associated in the African American community.  Barack Obama's second term as President of the United States gives people reason to be optimistic and Bill Cosby says so in addressing concerns raised by CNN's Candy Crowley.

COSBY:  "I'm disappointed at people who don't look at the woes and the trouble given to this man. People blatantly speaking out against his color, wasting time, starting up new stories about whether or not he was born here, saying things that they can't prove. ... People want to make [his job] as difficult as the one that Sisyphus had. And then when you see that he made promises and said things and the people who were supposed to be working with him didn't. The people who were supposed to be working, even for another party, didn't care about the American people. They wanted to get him. When people make statements like "I hope he fails," you can't color that any other way except the way it's said."

By the way, just as a side note, I've always been a fan of the Bill Cosby Show back in the day.  Cosby was always a great father figure and possessed a calm, welcoming demeanor.  This statement is a perfect introduction to President Obama's second term.

1:38 PM PT: Just a quick update, I found an extended portion of the interview with Candy Crowley and Bill Cosby.  I thought that might be better than simply one bit.

I've also added part of the transcript of the interview in the diary.  I can't find the whole transcript yet but if any of you do, let me know and I'll post it on the diary.

Title will be changed shortly to reflect the entire interview.


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