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Sherlock Holmes in Space -- The Knower -- Chapter 21

a story by jabney based on (the now public domain) characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

As we grouped around Doxy's "Antique" computer, I said, "If we'd had one those in our old school, it would have seemed awfully new to us, right Holmes?"

"No doubt, Watson, but I surmise that the "Old school" reference was for Otis Ferg's ears primarily. And that it was spoken in an ironic sense." I stated to speak, but Holmes continued, "Though Doxy could have delivered the line in a witheringly sarcastic manner, it was not a sarcastic tone."

"Mr Holmes," said Doxy, "You've nailed it."

"I gather that, "Nailing it" means I'm correct," said Holmes.

"As if you needed to ask, Mr Holmes," said Otis. "Although I think Doxy meant the reference for the benefit of all of us here from systems."

"And I think you are being either diplomatic or hopelessly naive, Otis," said Holmes, "And you don't strike me as the naive sort - usually."

"And your use of, "Usually" Mr Holmes, is diplomatic in the extreme," said Otis, "I feel rather stupid."

"Trusting those that should be trustworthy is not the same as stupidity, Otis," said Control, "Now, tell me if this means what I think it means."

"I would like for Mr Sherlock Holmes to explain it. His lack of computer experience should allow him to venture down trails of thought that those of us that are supposed to be the experts would avoid. Mr Holmes?"

"Thank you Otis for your faith in my abilities and thank you, and thank you Control, for providing that last important piece of the puzzle."

"And that piece is?" I said.

"Hubris, complacency, a fear of being thought barking mad, call it what you will, Watson, our friends here in systems no doubt feel they have been confronted with the modern version of a maths teacher being presented with ironclad proof that two plus two equals five. But that," here Holmes turned toward the systems people clustered in stunned silence around the screen and raised his bony index finger in the air, "Would be the wrong analogy."

"So two plus two still equals four?," said Evan, "And just when I'd figured out a way to get out of walking Sparky for at least a month."

"You spoke too soon," Yvonne said with a laugh as an excited bark came from under the table, followed by the now eager Sparky. Yvonne then looked at Holmes intently and said, "As for analogies, I'm all ears."

"Then please listen to Mr Holmes with those ears and fill me in when Sparky and I get back."

"Actually Evan it's a very short analogy," said Holmes, "Reflect as you walk on how you felt when you first deduced that Father Christmas wasn't the one responsible for all those presents on Boxing Day."

"Huh?" said Evan as Sparky tugged at the leash now in his hand.

"I'll translate for you," said Jerome to Evan as the latter was being pulled out of the yard by the very eager Sparky, "When did you figure out that Santa Claus didn't like chimneys."

"Thank you, Jerome," Holmes said. "I forget at times how much American English and real English have diverged." Only Holmes and Captain Haggard laughed at this rare example of Sherlockian wit. I noticed, but the other guests still seemed stunned. Not at Holmes's wording, but at the implications of all they had just witnessed and heard.

"Captain Haggard, Otis, and Doxy, will you three join Watson and me at 221-B after the cookout is concluded? I think it's time for your Knower to find out something new about the Scream. Or else for us to find out something new about the Knower. Oh, and please ask Evan to join us too."

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