This diary will be short and sweet. Basically NASA scientists have apparently discovered something very significant in their most recent test results on Mars. They aren't saying what it is, but they are saying that if it holds up it will be "Earth shaking" in it's implications.

Since the test they were doing was one looking for organic molecules, there isn't much else one might logically conclude about what an "earth shaking" discovery could be other than life, either past or present. It may be several weeks before they have confirmed their results, but I think even this is a clue. They recently thought they had discovered organically generated methane but upon closer inspection it turned out to be methane contamination they brought from Earth. That just took a few days, so if they are being this careful, so much so that it could take "several weeks" to confirm, I for one can't imagine much else that would be both "earth shaking" and at the same time requiring weeks to confirm. It's speculation of course, but when you announce an earthshaking discovery and then keep people on ice for weeks at a time, you naturally invite speculation.

Read the article for yourselves


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