We always are quick to pounce on, ridicule, and condemn the right wing when they conduct their regular business of science and fact denying. Rubio getting a dose this very moment. This is as it should be. But, in fairness, I believe it is important that we keep our eyes focused in all directions, on our own team as well, and clean up any crap that we come across. At all times.

  And the dung is still gushing about the Kennedy assassination. This year the anniversary falls on Thursday--Thanksgiving day. I've noticed some of the documentaries appearing on cable channels and also past symposiums and authors on C-SPAN---the hucksters and frauds crying conspiracy.

  I think most of the conspiracy bunk is from the left, I don't know if conservatives would be capable of anything much beyond Kennedy was trying to take Oswald's guns away. The left, or a bunch of the left, cling to the conspiracy theories out of some fantasyland vision of Camelot.  In the case of the older, born of some strong attachment to the man himself. That Kennedy was trying to make everything okay, and got killed for it by powerful, dark forces. And this general notion, strong and already ingrained, with logic and facts desperately tossed out the window, was fortified by the grotesque Oliver Stone production. Making the quack Garrison into a hero.

 In discussion about the assassination I am always amused and somewhat taken aback by the outrageous ignorance of the conspiracy crowd. Whatever they don't like is a lie and maybe even part of the conspiracy. But, on second thought, I am more understanding because I was suckered for a long time myself.

 But I studied, seriously, and I saw the light and I feel quite comfortable in saying that the following two statements are equally valid.........

 1.) The earth is a few thousand years old.
 2.) Kennedy was killed as a result of a conspiracy.


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