I'll keep this short, but for what it's worth the owner of Papa John's pizza has written a clarification of his statements regarding Obamacare.

The Real Scoop on Papa John's and Obamacare

I will skip any commentary on my part and leave folks to evaluate his statements on their own.  I'm still pondering them myself.

 I will offer a clip from the article, though:

Companies like Papa John's are largely a collection of small independent businesses. The average Papa John's franchisee owns three to four stores. Since our franchisees own the restaurants they operate, who they hire, how many hours they give each employee and what they pay each employee is up to them, not me or Papa John's. Like any small business in these economic times, our franchisees are under a tremendous amount of pressure on costs.

During that same interview, talking about Obamacare I said, though it wasn't widely reported:

    "The good news is 100% of the population (full-time workers) is going to get health insurance. I'm cool with that."
    "We're all going to pay for it. There's nothing for free."
    "And this way I get to provide health insurance and I'm not at a competitive disadvantage ... our competitors are going to have to do the same thing."

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