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Today I'll be heading to Pensacola, Florida for the 45th running of the Snowball Derby.
I often wonder how much longer automobile racing can continue.
The Snowball is a 300 lap race run on Sunday afternoon.
There is also a 100 lap Snow Flake race run Saturday evening.
I'm going down there with David Ragan, nascar driver of the 34 front row racing team.
This is a car David owns. Not sure of the schedule for today, it's possible I'll be in transit & won't be able to tend this thread.

Snowball Derby

Hope your Hump Day is what you want it to be.

Jibber & Jabber below

I have a post up on the Powerball Drawing tonight.
It's 500 million if you haven't seen the news !


good luck if you are a lotto player

Lotto Fever II

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