A repost of my original cooking diary, updated to reflect lonely bachelor living during the Thanksgiving holiday season. Enjoy and appreciate your delicious home-cooked meals! Instructions follow after the orange chili stain below.

The ingredients are very simple; A can of chili, a box of saltine crackers, and a sink!


I recommend a fine 'generic' chili, since you're a bachelor you're not going to be able to tell the difference between it and some high class haute chili cuisine anyway. I do also prefer a 'no Beans' chili, because who knows - if you're lucky you might find 'Miss Right' at the bar tonight! Or at the least, 'Miss Right Now'. The same goes for your crackers - buy the generic, PLUS the cracker takes the place of dirtying a spoon that you're just going to have to clean anyway. Make sure the sink is empty of dirty or broken dishes and/or vomit.  

We eat standing over the sink of course, that way we don't need a clean dish or bowl, and whatever mess you make just falls into the sink! What could be easier?


Now you may notice a problem - most, if not all, cans are sealed at the top! And not all have the 'pull top' way of opening, so you're going to need a can opener of some kind.


The odds are that you may not have a regulation 'can opener', or you left it at an ex-wife or girlfriend's place. This is where you use your 'man skills' buddy, and improvise!


At last - the pot of treasure at the end of the rainbow! Doesn't it make your mouth water? Life doesn't get much better than this.


Now that the ingredients are all ready, lean over the sink, start scooping with those crackers, and enjoy! Season to taste with the bitter, salty tears of loneliness and regrets.


Finally, wash it all down with the rotgut whiskey of your choice - preferably drunk out of a dirty glass. This meal is good for weekends, holidays, birthdays, or pretty much any day of the year. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your meal!  (PS - this is also a Sean Hannity Approved 'Meal for the Poor'). Happy Holidays everyone!


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