The Daily Show & The Colbert Report:

However, they are on holiday this week.  

Reruns tonight may be:

Jon:  Andrew Napolitano on Wednesday.
Stephen:  Ken Burns on Wednesday.

Social Hour:  Please share what you're drinking or eating, what you're doing, how your day went.

This diary will be appearing at 8pm Pacific, 11pm Eastern Monday through Thursday for your entertainment and routine expectations.  

God only knows what will be on Comedy Central on Thursday evening, perhaps a tacky movie of some kind.  I will post something, blueyedace2 can share his photos, and if I am awake, I will be here.  

Pie, Pie, Me oh My, I love Pie!

My church congregation, Mount Tabor Lutheran, has a traditional Thanksgiving Eve Service.  Harvest songs.  Etc.

Then, we eat pie.  We all bring pies and share them and eat pie first!  

My daughter and I made a no-bake pie.  I made sauce with the leftover raspberries.  Just in case someone is tired of pumpkin.  

Today was pretty lazy.  Son had a "stay up as late as you want" last night, daughter and I made the pie.  We walked to our nearby grocery store and bought about 20 cans of food for the food bank barrel at church.  And a spare pie crust.  

I am considering a chocolate cheesecake, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin tofu, or whatever else I google and have suitable ingredients for at home.

I wish you all a blessed and pleasant holiday tomorrow.  

We can do more together than completely alone!

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