Activists, Progressives, Labor, and California people, we need to MAKE the supermajorities govern progressively and get TONS of sanity activity done.

California can become the America we know and love. High Speed Rail is coming, tax code changes are on their way, greater funding for public education, and other great things.

As far as tax increases on the superwealthy, prison reform, Single Payer, and etc, we need to MAKE them do it. The left needs to organize and pressurize the Democrats. John Perez has recently stated that he and other members are hesitant to increase more taxes after Prop 30's tax increases. Here are some encouraging tidbits though. First, many senators are open to changing fees to taxes. Secondly, Tax code changes are being considered as sources of revenue and increased taxes on the wealthy, according to Jerry Brown. Even then, we need to REALLY push them and MAKE them do it. No excuses this time.

This is the Left's moment. This is the left's time. This is the time for the left to prove its organizing and accountability-holding abilities and enrich them. California and activists can show what SHOULD have happened back when National Democrats had Democratic supermajorities.

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