My first Diary!!!! I'm loving DK already!
These are my predictions for the GOP seats in 2014. The Dems need to pick up at least 2 if we want to keep the senate.

Safe GOP
AL(Sessions)- Nothing new here. Sessions will cruise to victory in blood red Alabama
ID(Risch)- Again, Solid red state where our best candidate(LaRocco) lost by a large margin.
KS(Roberts)- Unless Sebelius runs(which would be very surprising), this seat is solid R. The last year a democrat was elected to the U.S. Senate from Kansas? 1932!
NE(Johanns)- Johanns will lose. When pigs fly!
SC(Graham)- There is no way a democrat will ever win a senate race in South Carolina. Even if Graham loses the primary, ther's no one who has any chance of beating his replacement. Well, there's Sheheen, but he will probably run for Governor again.
TX(Cornyn)- Cornyn will cruise to victory in a state that has elected Rick Perry 3 times. By 2018, someone like Julian Castro will be able to run a real race, but Texas is only starting to become purple and barely at that.
WY(Enzi)- Wyoming has very few people, and very few democrats that could win statewide.
Likely R-
Call me crazy, but we have a VERY slim shot at these.
KY(McConnell)- Everybody's been on this one. I would LOVE to see the obstructionist, arrogant pig that is McConnell be defeated. Sadly, Steve Beshear is not running. But you never know, he could make a surprise! I believe with her celebrity status and her ability to raise money, Ashley Judd could actually be a formidable candidate.
MS(Cochran)- Thad Cochran is a sure bet for retirement. He is very old and would likely lose a primary to someone more conservative due to his moderate positions on some issues(such as supporting stem cell research). My dream candidate would be Secretary of the Navy and former Gov. of Mississippi Ray Mabus, but if he doesn't run, I would love to see Ronnie Musgrove take a crack at this as well. As far as republicans who could be threatening, cross Haley Barbour out. He says he likes the executive branch. Rep. Gregg Harper or Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves could be possible candidates, and they would be favored, but not guaranteed to win. Again, another possibility for a surprise.
OK(Inhofe)- Inhoe is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the american people, not global warming. I hope he retires, and he probably will. Brad Henry and Dan Boren could run real races, but I don't know if they will run.
TN(Alexander)- Alexander would win a 3rd term with no competition. HOWEVER! He will very likely face a primary challenge. Tennessee used to be a Democratic stronghold, with Gov. Phil Bredesen, a 5-4 Democratic Congressional delegation, and in 2006, a very competitive Senate race between Harold Ford Jr. and Bob Corker. Now, it looks like we may have a shot at bringing back the purple Tennesse. If Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn(TN-7) defeats Alexander in the primary, the democrats may have a shot at this seat. Former Democratic Gov. Phil Bredesen would be a shoe in, and I think we may even be able to get a liberal like Rep. Steve Cohen(TN-9) in to the senate. We have a chance, but we need a lot of luck and a very good candidate.
Leans GOP-
GA(Chambliss)- Chambliss was almost defeated last time by a barely known democrat(Jim Martin). Whether he loses the primary or not does not matter. If we can get someone like John Barrow or Jim Marshall, we may actually have a chance here.
ME(Collins)- Susan Collins is unbeatable. The only reason this is not Safe GOP is because she may follow in the footsteps of Olympia Snowe, and there is a chance she could run for Governor as an independent and then re-register as a republican once she is elected, presuming she wants the GOP to stay alive in Maine.


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