I am two days late with this diary, but I want to express my well-wishes to Vice President Joe Biden who had his 70th birthday on Tuesday.   I mean who wouldn't like this guy:

President Obama's Election Night Rally

And you anyone see his great cameo on NBC's Parks & Recreation?   Biden can fit in Hollywood with the best of them, and I wouldn't be surprised to see if be on Saturday Night Live with Jason Sudeikis playing him.   He'd just do his laugh and twinkle those blue eyes that people find sexy.  

And of course, Biden fits in almost anywhere.   He doesn't look out of place in Scranton, Pennsylvania where he grew up, and he doesn't look out of place with a bunch of bikers.

I like to think that Biden helps pull the President leftward like when Biden first came out in support of marriage equality and then Barack Obama followed his example.   Biden also re-introduced "malarkey" into the vernacular too.   Joe Biden would essentially have my vote in 2016 if he decided to run for President.   For now however, I will just enjoy seeing him as a great Vice President standing beside President Obama in one of the most consequential administrations in American history.

In closing, happy 70th Joe and may you have many more happy ones too.


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