Like many of you, my thoughts today have been engaged with the past year and with all that has happened. You may recall that last year’s Thanksgiving was particularly joyous for the inSC family, due to my brother’s successful battle against a particularly scary manifestation of lymphoma. This year has been similar due to my bicycle accident in February. My sister the doctor took one look at my helmet, and informed me, "without that, you would have been dead." Even with it, only a few scant pounds of additional impact force and I would have had an unrecoverable brain injury, and a few pounds more than that and I would have died, regardless. Make no mistake, I am very thankful to be alive. But I’m more thankful for the life of my brother, last year.

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I am thankful beyond words for the support I’ve received from my blog family here. For the quilt (and here) I was given by Sara R, for the many kind words and gestures of support and encouragement in the diaries and comment threads, for the gifts of friendship and caring from the diarists and commenters in my blog home, Top Comments. I will never forget.

Then there are the political occurrences in 2012! What a scary year! How many really negative developments have we seen? How many ominous ones? Yet, we retained control of the Senate, we re-elected President Obama and we reduced the margin in the House, even if we didn’t regain control of it.

I’m deeply thankful for the many contributions made by Kossacks to the campaigns and the causes, the tireless work, the phone calls, the monetary donations, letters to the editors, ideas and suggestions for some or all of us, little kindnesses to those you’ve encountered in your lives, politically and personally. I love your politics, and your compassionate hearts.

I know that, on Daily Kos, I’m in the right place. Thank you.

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From koosah:
I am submitting this entry by kestrel9000, his usual "Daily Kes" in Cheers and Jeers, which is awesome, but the response by Khun David in the comments below it is the best part.
From brillig:
In kos' diary Having fun at the teabaggers expense, someone commented that the quotes were "reminiscent of some around here in 2004." kos has the best reply ever.
From BeninSC:
Glen The Plumber said this comment was 'appropriated' from CodeTalker, but it was new to me, and made me laugh! May it serve you as well!

And if you want to read a far better Thanksgiving diary than mine, read this one, by DaNang65, which I found, thanks to this fine comment from llbear!

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