Horrible conditions in the food stores under Hitler Obama socialism. Just like Soviet Russia.
Like many of you, I was forced, in preparation for the once-grand Thanksgiving holiday, to face the deplorable conditions in the local "supermarket." Conditions created by President Obama's depraved descent into UN-mandated socio-Islamo-communo-fascism.

I knew from the moment I stepped into the store that everything I once knew of my country was gone. It was like I'd been slapped in the face! Only seven different brands of turkey were available at the store for Thanksgiving shoppers, thanks to all the freedom-destroying Obama Hitler socialism.

What follows is my photo documentary of my nightmarish pre-holiday shopping trip through the reality of the New World Order. One warning: It is not for the weak of heart.

Bread lines! Here in Hitler Obama's socialist Amerika! Only 16 brands left! Please stop the War on Wheat!
Poverty, scarcity & want. The new reality under Obama's UN agenda. GET USED TO IT! WAKE UP! PS, War on Xmas!
EMPTY SHELVES! Complete run on No Salt Ketchup! Only regular, Reduced Sugar, Organic & ketchup with balsamic vinegar!
Sure, Hitler Obama socialism has lots of cookies to keep the masses placated. But note the high prices!!!
Note signs of the death of capitalism! Innovative products like these three different candy-filled Star Wars mugs? GONE!
Disgusting paucity of "gourmet lollies!" The radical UN agenda has robbed us of Cherry Cheesecake flavor!
Obama famine!!!!
Innovation practically snuffed out by socialism. Only TWO board game-themed jellybean box sets available!
Parking lot bereft of consumers with disposable income, thanks to Obama Depression.
With the "Thanksgiving" holiday behind us, it was on to "Black Friday," so named because of the pall it casts over our already devastated economy. Like you, I could hardly believe the socialist nightmare of repression that kept Americans trapped in their homes, penniless & desperate. Conditions were, of course, worse than during the Great Depression. Not since the 1930s have there been so many lined up for bread... makers, outside Williams Sonoma.

May God preserve us all.

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