Want something to be thankful for?? You weren't in this...

BEAUMONT, Texas - At least two people were killed and as many as 120 injured in Thanksgiving pileups involving an estimated 100 cars on a foggy stretch of highway in southeast Texas, authorities said.

The first accident -- a multi-car wreck in the eastbound lands of Interstate 10 -- occurred about 8:45 a.m., according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. Chain-reaction crashes followed, the department said in a news release, and included several accidents in the westbound lanes of the intersate, southwest of Beaumont in Jefferson County.

From the looks of some of the pictures here it's damned lucky there are only two dead, so far, but with over 100 injured that number could well go up.

I'm not going to rehash the 10,000 words I've Posted here a half-dozen times about driving, but if you run into fog you have to slow down, and if it's as heavy as this was reported to have been BAIL OUT, just get off the road as far as possible (preferably up an off-ramp) and wait it out. Dying all mangled up won't get you anywhere fast. As long as you're alive you have time.

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