I am heartened to report that we have 17 MEMBERS and many will be attending and bringing friends.  The more the merrier!

Just a reminder about our first meet up next Saturday

Red Butte Gardens, FREE Holiday Meet Up - Saturday, December 1, 2012, 2:00PM

I was thinking we might need a way to identify each other so we don't miss anyone attending.  I would like your ideas.  Here are a couple of I have thought of

1.  I can buy some "Hello, my name is" stickers (I'll definitely do this, so we can know each other by our Kos names once we all find each other)

2.  We can wear something to say "Hi, I'm a SLC Kossack" like a red ribbon pinned to our coats.

3.  Each bring one of those Dollar Store pointsetta branches.

4.  wasatch suggested ORANGE BALLOONS.  I will bring some.  If you bring one, too, we can find each other.  I am assuming there may be a lot of other people there, too.  

I sent my contact information to each member, just in case you arrive a little late and want to find the group.  Please let me know if you didn't receive it and I will re-send you my cell phone # so you can call when you arrive.

Any other ideas?  Also, I haven't received any messages since Nov 18th, so please send your RSVP and/or questions to the War on Error kosmail/message? If you sent a message, let me know.  Maybe there's a glitch or something.

Here's a virtual tour of Red Butte Gardens, summer

For those in the area that might have missed the meet up announcement and plan, the details are below

I thought this might be a fun beginning.  Casual.  Free.  Holiday Spirit.  Free.

This is open from 9 - 5.  We could meet here at around 2:00PM on Saturday, enjoy some Cider/Hot Chocolate (free), the beauty of the place, and get to know each other, our scheduling constraints, food/beverage preferences, etc. to plan future events.

From the website for Red Butte Garden Annual Holiday Open House

Annual Holiday Open House - FREE at the Red Butte Garden

This year marks the 11th Anniversary of the Holiday Open House at Red Butte Garden! The first Saturday & Sunday in December we fill the Orangerie with local artists who have created an array of locally handmade gifts for sale. We also offer free admission, complimentary cider and hot chocolate, and 15 acres of winter wonderland to explore. So bring your shopping list and your winter boots and come enjoy the season with us here at the Garden!

I WILL ARRIVE A LITTLE EARLIER TO SCOUT OUT A COZY GATHERING PLACE.  I included my contact information in the Group Message.  I havent received any messages since the

Weather permitting we can walk the gardens, chat, and perhaps plan to go somewhere else for a sit down gathering afterwards.  

You can leave a message here to let me know if Saturday, Dec. 1, 2012 at 2:00PM at the Red Butte Gardens works for you.  What an auspicious date/time, btw.

Also, your friends are welcome to join our gathering.  The more the merrier always.

I look forward to meeting you!

Peace & Love
War on Error

If, per chance, we have a snow storm that day, Red Butte Gardens Holiday event runs through Sunday, Dec 2nd.  Perhaps we can plan a Snow Check Meet up for the following day?  Your thoughts?

Lastly, it might be fun after enjoying the beauty of the gardens to gather for a meal.  Any suggestions for restaurants not too far from there that has easy parking?


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