Religion Used To Justify War - History Repeats Itself

After the Dark Ages, the CRUSADES represented a "brutal period of transition" from outward conquest to a time of inward enlightenment that would follow called the RENAISSANCE.  

Compare the Crusades to this socio-political and religious climate now brewing with the religious right and the Tea Party.  Can you see "Blackwater" as a redirected military force?  Do you see our military machine?  Do you see the Christian and Muslim causes that polarize society?   The conquest of land and the domination of people.  

The intolerance builds and the demonetization of peoples by the religious seeking conquest and power called "DOMINIONISM."

A time when religion is used to justify war.

The stage is set once again.

-- We fail to learn from the past --

The Dark Ages - Part 10 - The Crusades

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