The NYT as part of their series on suggestions of goals for Obama's second term discusses gun control. http://www.nytimes.com/... which is a normal enough occurrence, I mean it is the NYT and they are kind of pro gun control.

The part that struck me was that they are kind of shocked that in Oklahoma you can open carry, you know just put a gun in a holster and carry it around. Wednesday the editorial page editor called me up asking about something hunting but kind of dropped the Oklahoma open carry into the conversation in passing. I could just picture okies with six shooters and spurs staggering around ready to whip out their shooting iron and do that move where you cock the trigger by fanning it with your off hand palm.

More after the dust settles.

I had no explanation for why okies have an open carry law. I also have no idea why having one would be exceptional. Don't they still have one in Wyoming? I think you can open carry in most western states. I didn't have a way to explain to the nice fellow from the Times except to say I personally don't own a handgun, lots more things to spend my money on right now like a wall tent or new siding for the north side of the house, truck tires, and so on.

I didn't get the guy's name but he was real nice and was calling about some inaccuracies in their editorial on the Sportsmen's Act which they promptly corrected online and included a blurb about the correction down the bottom. Trust the Times to want to get it right. I was digging postholes right up next to the Boulder Open Space. Jackhammer was noisy in the background.

Part of what struck me at the time was the reasonableness of the guy and also that things hunting and guns were probably outside of his base of knowledge and probably something none of the people he knew had much to do with. Todays editorial has a lot that gun folks could pick an argument with. Besides the obvious lack of technical familiarity is the repeat of anti gun talking points.

Some of the usual suspects were.....

"Gun violence" includes suicide I'd think. Might be best to restrict the benefits of control to assault and homicide.

Is homicide or assault really up?

Conflated gun shows with the "black market" which would be illegal sales I'd think.

"Students" in CO are really adults going to University not second graders.

Calling magazines clips is great, floats Kyle's boat.

Where he did have a point is that states are currently trying to outdo each other in making gun friendly laws. There might well come a point where people don't want to go as far as proponents do. Open carry for inmates of prison? I mean there must be a point that even the majorities of Oklahoma don't want to go beyond. If anyone is from Oklahoma sorry, don't mean to pick on you, as it used to say on your plates, "Oklahoma is OK". Spent a couple months in Ardmore back in the day and a couple weeks over in Elk City though that might be in the panhandle or maybe the Cimarron strip.

Maybe someone can write a reasonable letter to the editor over there, or even a guest op-ed. Bear in mind your audience, the crowd that knows very little about firearms and are open minded liberals ready to hear and consider all viewpoints.

My two wishes? If I were making laws? Every fire arm sold must have wood on it somewhere. Which rifle is prettier one of those AR clones or a good old classic AK? There needs to be a sense of aesthetics in our gun laws. More seriously convicted felons, and I know I'm going to catch some grief. People change. I don't think felons should have to relinquish their 2A rights forever and they should be able to vote. I won't even bring up issues of race, can-uh-worms.

What do you think? About the op ed and where the line will be drawn.


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