About 10 days ago I received a call in the evening from a man who said I had ordered $105.00 worth of Romney campaign material. I couldn't stop laughing, saying things like "which of my friends put you up to this?" then collapsing in laughter again. He said there was a $300.00 cancellation fee and I erupted in even more guffaws.

I thought the call was a total hoot and told him so. At this point I told him I campaigned for the Obama campaign and wouldn't order anything from Romney. I admit my sentences were punctuated with laughter every other word. He said a few other things and I said I had to hang up and call him back because I couldn't stop laughing. The guy was totally flabbergasted by my laughing all through the call and was literally sputtering when he hung up. So who was it? I checked the usual suspects and no one knew anything about it.

A few minutes later, when I stopped laughing, I tried the number. The number kept ringing busy when I called back, still thinking it was a terrific joke that gave me a lot of endorphins. So what did I do next?

Next day I tried the number again - it still rang busy. Then I got to thinking and went online to check my bank account. There was a $105 charge that I could not account for, and since it was a new charge it didn't reveal what it was for or to whom it was sent. I called my bank Monday or Tuesday. The $105 had vanished and they couldn't find any record of it. I also have not seen the "$300.00 cancellation fee" on my account.

I questioned many of my friends and all of them denied having anything to do with this. So I have a question: How did whoever this was accomplish this? He seemed totally serious.

I've been pondering this off and on for about 10 days and decided I'd ask if anyone else here had experienced anything like it. Is there a scam going on by a group of crooks, or does this have anything to do with the actual campaign? I don't know if I should pursue this further other than just asking if I was an isolated case.

I guess I'm still not taking it too seriously. Admittedly I don't feel impelled to do so, but should I pursue this further?


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