In Bangladesh over one hundred workers died in what is suspected to be an electrical fire caused by faulty wiring:

Death Toll at Walmart Supplier is Highest in Bangladesh Garment Industry to Date
More than one hundred workers died as a result of the garment factory fire that started on Saturday evening at Tazreen Fashions, owned by Tuba Group. Together with our partners in Bangladesh and around the world, ILRF is calling for an independent and transparent investigation into the causes of the fire; full and fair compensation to be paid to injured workers and to the families of the deceased; and effective action from all parties involved to prevent future tragedies.

In addition to finding evidence that the factory produced Walmart’s Faded Glory brand, researchers found over a dozen other brand logos on clothing and documents in the factory, including Ace, C&A, Dickies, Fashion Basics, Sean Combs Co.'s Enyce brand, Edinburgh Woollen Mill's brands P.G. field and Country Rose, Hippo, Infinity Woman, Karl Rieker GMBH & Co., Kebo Raw, Kik, Piaza Italia, Soffe, and True Desire.

For several years, the International Labor Rights Forum has been tracking and responding to factory fires in Bangladesh’s garment industry. This is the most deadly factory fire in the history of the apparel industry in Bangladesh, which is the world’s second largest apparel exporter after China. Export data has indicated that Walmart is the second largest buyer of garments from Bangladesh, after H&M.

These are the working conditions labor shed blood for over one hundred years to stop. So these companies instead took our jobs and sent them where they could pollute, cut technical corners, bribe officials, and make workers so commoditized that they are slaves to their jobs. Or victims to the results of companies not being accountable like these workers in this garment factory.

Garment factory's are dangers incarnate. There is string in abundance as well as whole cloth and all those textiles produce copious amounts of lint. Explosively flammable lint. Poor wiring for machines requiring high amps to move fabric and sewing machines that require alot of juice as well combined with the other conditions is obvious to anyone focusing on anything besides the bottom line.

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