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I received an e-mail today from Senator Mark Udall (D. CO) who is gathering signatures for his petition to reform the filibuster.  Here's what the e-mail said:

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It's time to reform the U.S. Senate's broken filibuster rules. The current rules have been used too many times in recent years to block important legislation. It's got to stop.

Don't get me wrong: no matter which party controls the Senate, reasonable filibuster rules are important for protecting the rights of the minority party.

But in recent years, the minority party has broken all past precedent and has used the filibuster on a regular basis to stop common-sense bills and nominations from receiving up-or-down votes.

Fix the Filibster: Sign the Petition

Gone are the days of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," where senators who wanted to filibuster spoke on the Senate floor to argue their points before the American people. Often times, the minority party blocks considerations of bills without even having to speak on the Senate floor.

Sign my petition demanding that the Senate filibuster rules be reformed to reduce the obstruction that has kept the Senate from doing the people's business.

I have been privileged to help lead the filibuster reform fight since I joined the Senate four years ago. One of my rule changes -- which says that the minority party can no longer force the entire reading of thousand-page bills, just to gum up the process for days on end -- has already been adopted.

But there is so much more to be done to clean up the system.

We need to change the rules to require senators to actually be present in the Senate chamber to conduct a filibuster - no more frivolous absentee obstruction. We also need to limit filibusters to one per bill. And we need to streamline the rules to make it much harder to block up-or-down votes to confirm judges.

The time is quickly approaching where the Senate will decide whether to allow filibuster rules changes. But the forces of obstruction are trying to stop us.

Sign my petition -- demand that the Senate filibuster rules be reformed.


Senator Mark Udall

Udall needs over 8,000 signatures before midnight tonight.  Here is a link to the petition:


And if you feel like it, show Udall some thanks by throwing him some money for his re-election campaign:

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