Beautiful piece of reality on Faux today when Thomas Ricks, venerated journalist especially for war reporting, author of new book, The Generals, and Pulitzer Prize winner punched them in the guts. Last time I saw Ricks I objected to what he said, but here he's righteous. See the video here. Sorry I don't know how to embed a video.

He was questioned by Jon Scott of Faux who set up the piece with film of Benghazi with talk about Susan Rice. Of course. What else do they have to talk about?

Ricks called out the cable network for being part of the Republican Party! And dismissed the whole Susan Rice/Benghazi comments as politics.

"I think Benghazi was generally hyped by this network especially...."
When the anchor irately responded to that, saying that four people died, first time in 30 years, Ricks did not back down but went further. Listen to it!

Ricks asks him, do you know how many contractors have been killed in Iraq?

The anchor says no.

Then Ricks tells him, no you wouldn't know, no one cared. And how could people know when Fox is a "wing" of the Republican Party.

Slap! Snap! Sting!

Interview ended abruptly!

Ricks said later when accosted in the green room by a staff person who complained that Ricks was "rude":

.... the hit lasted "about half as long as planned."
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