University of Colorado at Colorado Springs has a student housing shortage problem. It will cost the university $16M to address its housing shortage problem in the short term. A waiting list currently exists for students who prefer to live on campus for financial and social reasons. Once the $16M dollar addition is complete, another series of projects are slated to begin soon afterward to confront the ongoing student housing shortage. Who will pay for all of these new buildings? As always, most likely students will, via higher fees and costs for tuition.

Lack of adequate and affordable housing for students (both single students and those with families) is a problem all over the country. But for the University of Colorado and other universities in states with irresponsible gun laws, a new problem has come along that will cost students even more money than they're already forking over to these public schools.

Since the University of Colorado's Boulder and Colorado Springs campuses began segregating dorms for students with valid concealed-carry permits this year, not a single student has asked to live where guns are allowed.

On Aug. 16, CU announced that both campuses would establish a residential area for students over age 21 with a permit to hold a concealed handgun. In all other dormitories, guns are banned.

"So far, no one has moved," CU spokesman Ken McConnellogue said.

So while the university faces a housing shortage, and while students will inevitably get hit with the bill to build more rooms, empty dorms sit there waiting for gun lovers to move in.

Only nobody wants to live in those gun-filled dorms, not even gun owners - not even desperate cash strapped students who need housing.

How much money are Colorado's gun crazy laws costing students and families? How much money are these laws flushing down the drain at our public universities? Well, we can start with $16M and see how much higher it goes from there.

How much money are America's outlandish gun laws costing families this year? In this economy, it's an important question.

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