Mitt Romney speaking at a near-empty Ford Field
Thanks Michigan, for humiliating Mitt Romney TWICE!
Bill Bennett:
Obama is racing to put the genie back in the bottle. The electoral map is shrinking for him while expanding for Romney. Paul Begala recently admitted the Obama campaign has given up on North Carolina. Meanwhile, GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan recently campaigned in Pennsylvania, a state once thought to be totally out of the reach of Romney and Ryan. According to RealClearPolitics.com's electoral map, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania are now toss-up states and North Carolina is leaning Romney.
Washington Post:
The new geographic front in the political war focuses on Pennsylvania, Michigan and Minnesota, three states that have backed Democrats dating back at least to 1988 but which Republicans say are ripe for GOP nominee Mitt Romney in his challenge to President Obama.
Dick Morris:
So I think he will win Pennsylvania, and I think he will win Wisconsin and I think he has a very good chance of winning in Michigan. Of course, all of this presupposes that the other side doesn't steal it, which is something we need to work on.
Local Michigan conservative newspaper columnist:
I've always felt Romney should have seen more opportunity in Michigan, where so much of his family and funding base is located, and where his father, George Romney, was a popular governor.

If he comes within a whisker here, as the poll suggests he might, but loses, he'll be kicking himself in the backside for the rest of his life.

Will the last minute spending burst be enough to put Romney over the top? Perhaps.

15.5 million conservative Super PAC dollars:

Crossroads (Karl Rove): $4,713,810
Restore our Future (Romney PAC): $9,506,938
Americans for Prosperity (Koch Bros): $1,210,845

(The Obama campaign spent $461,008 in the state, for the hell of it.)

Romney campaign:
"Michigan is anyone's to win," Romney spokesman Sean Fitzpatrick told CBSNews.com. "Recent polls have the candidates right around the margin of error and the Obama team is simply trying to distract voters from their ever shrinking electoral map. Governor and Mrs. Romney grew up in Michigan, and we will continue to aggressively campaign in their home state."
Final official results?

Obama: 54.3
Romney: 44.78
Diff: O+9.62

As so many of us on the Left said at the time, the fact that Republicans were trying to play in Michigan was nothing but a desperation tactic. Funny how so many people on the Right convinced themselves otherwise.

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