The Daily Bucket is a place where we can post and exchange our observations about the natural happenings in our neighborhoods. Birds, bugs, blossoms and more - each notation is a record that we can refer to in the future as we try to understand the natural patterns that are unwinding around us.
Seattle. November 26, 2012.

November 24, 2012. Fox Sparrow at the Wetland
Two Fox Sparrows showed up down at the Wetland on Saturday. This one posed quite nicely. My records have them arriving in this location between late October and late November, but I've never seen more than one before January.

November 24, 2012. Wetland Pond. There are Mallards hiding here.
It has rained, hard, over the last week, enough that some of the springs on the Forest peninsula have overflowed. Down at the Wetland the pond has already risen above its usual winter perimeter. Wellies are needed now to make the circumnavigation. The little rivulet that opens to the lake is a flowing stream, no muddy edges left to investigate for critter tracks. Those are left to the shoreline: gull and goose; rat; raccoon; cat and dog.

November 24, 2012. Two Fox Sparrows are present at the wetland. The wetland pond has risen over its banks. Springs overflow in the Forest.


Everyone is welcome to indulge in the nature gossip from their neighborhood. Let us know where that is, please, as close as you're comfortable revealing.

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