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Happy Monday evraybody! I am so glad to be home I feel like having a Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe next weekend. Thursday night's dinner, with family at a restaurant in Southern California, was just so-so. OK truth be told it was so-so bad. Did I mention I'm SOOOOO happy to be back in my beloved city, even my crummy apartment seems good to me? Aaaand I have to go back in a couple of weeks to go with my mom to get her hearing aid in hopes that the third time is lucky and she won't return it.

Oh and my family is weird. There I said it.

I missed the venthole! I really needed to vent. After a while without Internet though, I fell into a strange news-less dream that just went on and on. It took my infernal daughter having a cussing tantrum fit to get me the heck out of there.

On with the show. Craig's back, yay! Tonight he has on Lily Tomlin and Matthew Gray Gubler. Here are some little known facts (hat tip to Man Oh) about Lily Tomlin: her real name is Mary Jean, she was the first woman to appear solo in a Broadway show, and she was the voice of Ms. Frizzle on The Magic School Bus on TV. She is in a new TV show called Malibu Country with Reba McEntire. Here are some little known facts about Matthew Gray Gubler: he is a second-generation Las Vegasian and he changed his name to Matthew Gray Gobbler on Thanksgiving.

In lieu of last week's reruns, here (scroll down) is an awesome picture of Craig (via RSA news.)

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