Increasingly the Red States in this country no longer resemble anything remotely like Western civilization, and instead start to look like various chaotic or tyrannical states in history from other parts of the world that subscribed to various bellicose nonsense ideologies or bigoted scapegoat fantasies.  So I offer the following term for this increasingly deranged, ignorant, dysfunctional, and criminally oppressive society: The Roviet Union, or more formally the URCR - Union of Roviet Capitalist Republikkks.  Same national color scheme as the USSR (red), and same mentality on a lot of issues and approaches to governance.

Soviet Union


The last time the federal government of the United States reflected Red State politics, we basically were living in an authoritarian nightmare where Congress was a rubber-stamp farce that never investigated the Executive branch or passed any legislation it wasn't told to pass, an opaque chain of command with Dick Cheney running some shadowy "Fourth Branch of government" with staff he refused to reveal and claimed to be above the Constitution, the media reduced to Pravda stenographers and punished with expulsion from the Press Corps if they asked the "wrong" questions, etc. etc.  

And just this past election, the Republican Governors and other state officials of the Red States engaged in treasonous criminal conspiracies to use the power of the state to prevent as many people as possible from voting.  So you can see, calling it the "Roviet Union" is not really hyperbole - the only reason people who aren't rich, white men can still vote at all in these states is that the federal government compels it.  And yet usually it doesn't matter because the media in these states is completely controlled by the Republican Party, creating an entirely alternate universe where the Earth is 6,000 years old, raising rich people's taxes 3% is Socialism but raising poor people's taxes is "responsibility," poor people getting public assistance is "mooching" but rich people getting public assistance is "pro-business," a black man with a funny name MUST be a foreigner and a Muslim, etc. etc.  Basically, they have their own Pravda propaganda system, and no one is allowed to challenge it.

In Roviet Union...

1.  Rubicon crosses YOU.
2.  Gall has unmitigated YOU.
3.  Money spends YOU.

Anyway, this was just a lark.  Do with it what you will.

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