1.  Who won the American Civil War?

We did.  (Correct no matter where you live)

2.  What is the capital of California?


3.  What is 5 x 5?

An arithmetic operation.

4.  How many stars are on the US flag?


5.  How many letters are in Mississippi?

Ask the Post Office.

6.  Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?

At the bottom.

7.  What global feature lies between the United States and China?

The Earth's core.

8.  How many branches does the US federal government have?

Ask a Park Ranger.

9.  Another word for dolphin is...?


10.  If you have a dozen eggs, and take away two, how many eggs do you have?

A dozen.  They are all still in your possession.

11.  What is the opposite of motion?

Motion in the opposite direction.

12.  What is the opposite of perfection?


12.  How far can you travel into a forest?

Half way.

13.  Where does petroleum come from?

The Sun.

14.  When did the dinosaurs go extinct?

They didn't.  (Birds)

15.  Name a state south of Michigan.


16.  What organ perceives hunger?

The brain.

17.  What organs respond to sexual stimuli?

All of them.

18.  How many hydrogen atoms are in methane?

Four times the number of methane molecules in the universe at any given instant.

19.  What is the formula for the circumference of a circle?

A mathematical equation.

20.  Where is Thailand located?


5:12 AM PT: 21.  If one person can lift 50 pounds, how many people does it take to lift 1,000 pounds?

One.  They don't have to lift all of it at once.

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