How do you feel?

Also, what is the left doing to MAKE Democrats do it this time? The left needs to organize and build their infrastructures from the bottom up, starting with local elections AND the Democratic state legislatures.

Your plans? Any thoughts?

Jerry Brown wants to continue to push for High Speed Rail completion, significant tax code reform (and allow tax revenue increases through that), and other good priorities. Democrats are open to changing fees into broader taxes, according to the senate majority leader of the California Senate. They also are willing to change the Constitution for the better.

We need to hold their feet to the fire for those priorities and also for finally getting Medicare-for-all with the funding mechanism.

The Democratic legislature ALMOST passed Medicare-for-all with the funding mechanism to be accepted by the people last legislative session. Unfortunately, in the final floor vote in the senate, the few insurance company leech democrats had enough sway to kill it. It hurt being so close.

The super majorities now blunt those Democrats. With better organizing and pressure from the left this time, California has got this IMO.

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