The New York Times needs to show the door to Maureen Dowd.  Her "political comments" are more than ever expressions of her own psychological problems -- jealousy of other women, searching for a "Daddy" and demeaning those who don't measure up to whatever "macho" image she has in mind (especially Democrats).

Today, the supposedly "hip" Maureen jumps on the McCain/Graham bandwagon to go after Susan Rice.  So as not to be tainted with McCain's decrepitude and bitterness, she hides under the cover of Susan Collins, supposed "moderate," who has decided to throw Rice under the bus and has "questions" about Rice's TV appearances.

Dowd's Sunday column was yet more evidence that she has never met a Democratic politician that she doesn't try to emasculate.  That column had the absurd premise of comparing Obama to Redskin's phenom RGIII. "While Obama prefers to preen as the man alone in the arena .  .  .  . RGIII never passes up a chance to share credit."  She's repeating the same offensive act she started with Clinton and Gore (her last column about Gore before the '00 election was titled "I Feel Pretty" and imagined him, yes "preening" before a mirror.)  Crap like that can cost 538 votes in Florida.

Send her to TMZ where she belongs.

(I can't in good conscience link to her and add even one hit to her total.)

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