I'll keep this short...I have no proof...but I'm tired of hearing this meme that Romney was so confident that he only wrote one speech.  

Consider the man who made the claim...this is the guy who proudly ran his very first anti-Obama ad that suggested that it was Obama saying "If we talk about the economy, we lose" (When in fact, he was quoting McCain...a teensy omission)  

Nope, this was just the last in a series of lies; an unprecedented number of lies told by Mr. Etch-a-Sketch himself. Has there ever been a campaign based on more lies by any one presidential candidate?

Now, he took his sweet ass time to finally deliver the speech, but you've got to believe that it was already written. It made it onto the teleprompter (yes, teleprompter!!) without difficulty...and had enough thought behind it that it was obviously not slapped together at the last minute.

I believe the extended time he took to deliver it was simply because he was hoping against hope that Rove was right about Ohio...and he wanted to give Ann time to compose herself.

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