Huffington Post is reporting that Democratic former Congressman Tom Perriello is considering a run for Governor in Virginia in 2013.   Perriello is a real Democrat, and I covered him back in 2010.   Perriello courageously voted for Obamacare, and he voted yes to ACES.  He also had introduced a bill that would have repealed the anti-trust exemption to insurance companies.  Perriello had also voted yes to the 9/11 responders bill, and yes to repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell.  

I would be quite excited for a Perriello candidacy.   I would even consider coming down to Virginia from Massachusetts to work for Perriello.   The presumptive Democratic nominee is Terry McAuliffe who has never been elected to anything, has close ties to the Clintons including his role on Hillar's 2008 campaign, and as far as I'm concerned, probably is very much like Erskine Bowles.   I realize Virginia is a purple state and this is an off-year election but we can do better than a DLC "Democrat" who ran a bad campaign in 2009(although the nominee Deeds was a really bad candidate too).

Whatever the outcome on the Democratic side, The current GOP Attorney General, Ken "Cooch" Cuccinelli has to be stopped from taking the governor's mansion.   The extreme wingnut Tea Party cannot be allowed to sink their dirty claws further into governance.

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