Leave it to Arkansas of all places where Democratic Representative Charles Edward (D-Little Rock) has figured out a way for men to talk about rape without being misogynistic.

As published in The Huffington Post Rep. Edwards is proposing a piece of common-sense legislation that will ensure women who are victims of rape will not continue to be punished by the law.

[The legislation] would take away the parental rights of convicted rapists who father a child during the rape. He said the bill, which was inspired by a Georgetown Law Journal article, would prohibit men convicted of rape from seeking custody of or visitation rights with the child conceived. Edwards said this would allow the victim to sever a potential lifelong relationship with her rapist.
But perhaps it is Rep. Edward's clear discussion on rape that Republicans should pay attention to.

As Rep. Edwards described the legislation he said, "If there is anything we can to do have a law in place, we will be a far better place. Rape is wrong, very wrong."

He is right, and politicians from both sides of the aisle should take note of his proposed new law.

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