"Change" was a big word in 2008.  Now I guess the new word is "forward"  Was there a change in 2008?  What are we going "forward" with?  As we watch the theater in congress we see little change and little hope of going forward.  I worked for Obama's election both times.  I did so expecting "change" the first time.  That was rather foolish I guess.  Obama has done some good things in spite of the fact that our system of government has basically failed.  What the right has proven is that they can stop change and they can bring government to its knees.  They can abuse power and they will.  Meanwhile we sit by and watch.  Our government does not work and that, for them, is a victory.  Sure they would love it if they could have control and then you would see how much power there is in government.  Oh yes!  You would see.  So in a way both sides have diminished to a holding action each of different sorts.  The irony here is that we have run out of time.  Globalism, Climate Change, resource depletion, etc will continue unabated and maybe this is reality? The idea that we humans can change the course of the systems we have created is probably fantasy at best.  Read on below if you want more of this inconvenient truth.

There is something very special about the human mind.  It can, at the same time, create marvelous energy consuming waste generating technology and then be unable to have a clue of the consequences.  Even if some minority sees the consequences they can not get the others to pay attention.

There is religion.  That seems to be a central part to this irresponsible behavior.  Why worry about sinning if your sins are all forgiven?  Something like that.  What a totally irresponsible and destructive idea!

The lack of care for what we are leaving future generations defies comprehension.  Yet we make ourselves fatter and pollute more and use up more and buy more like a mindless robot programmed to destroy.

So the election is over.  We are "going forward" now.  Forward to where?  More consumption?  More depletion of resources, especially food and water?Building back the economy that got us here?  Where is this "forward"?  can someone please tell me?


We have had "change" and now we go "forward"

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