In my heavily "gerrymandered to be R"  congressional district, we have lost a fine first term (and I hope not the last) congresswoman.  While I cannot see eye to eye with her on everything, she is (and will be again) a better representative than "that which has replaced her"

When Congresswoman Kathy Hochul was passing through an airport, it occurred to her that there were many articles of clothing abandoned by travelers at TSA checkpoints and that those pieces of clothing, frequently coats, hats and sweaters could be put to good use keeping homeless veterans warm.


The bill, in the house, is HR 6328

This is what we are left with now that the R's have reclaimed the district....


Her bill has passed the house, I would encourage you to contact you Senators now so that the bill can pass the senate before it disappears at the end of the lame duck session.

The bill has been introduced in the Senate as S 3640

Contact list here:

I guess the thing I have been musing about is how to be sure Democrats in NYS can be in charge after the 2020 census; I really need to live in a congressional district that gives Dems a fighting chance.  We have some opportunities here, but usually the win for us comes when the R's spilt their base.  Sigh.

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