The GOP revolt against Grover Norquist goes on, and the Omaha World Herald shares that the entire Nebraska delegation would violate Norquist's anti-tax pledge.  

Republican Senator Mike Johanns, who is also on the Gang of Eight had said this:

Sen. Mike Johanns, R-Neb., said Norquist himself undermined the pledge when he said previously that lawmakers could support abolishing tax credits for ethanol without violating the pledge — so long as they supported offsetting tax cuts in a bill that never received a vote.

“He blew a massive hole through his pledge,” Johanns said.

Isn't that sweet.   Grover himself dealt the first crack in his bullshit pledge.  

Adrian Smith(NE-03) says the tax pledge doesn't apply since doing nothing would make taxes go up.   Jeff Fortenberry(NE-01) says the pledge is too absolute and that he's not bound by the pledge.   And Lee Terry(NE-02) says he's open to a deal and I know other Kossacks will love this quote:

Terry said Obama has an incentive to allow the country to go over the cliff and then blame Republicans.

“We're screwed either way,” Terry said. “We really have no leverage in these discussions.”

Bwahahhahaha!   Looks like Norquist is pretty screwed too.    The article also mentions that Republican Congressman Tom Latham(IA-03) isn't worried about Grover, but the people of Iowa.   Well, at least Grover's still got Steve King.


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