Rant warning

It's a small company, govt contractor. Our hours were cut by half a couple weeks ago with a note that he was reviewing the benefits to save the company money. The company had paid 3/4 of the premium and I paid 1/4 for Kaiser which I love. It came down to me paying $115/mo with the company covering $345/mo which I realise was a great deal and appreciated. Thurs we were called to meet with the insurance broker to go over changes. I anticipated that we'd be required to carry a much larger portion of the premium of even all of it. The change was that our group policy was dissolved and we were all without health insurance as of Friday. Insurance broker explained that because of "Obamacare" "most" of her clients for businesses under 100 employees were canceling insurance. Bullshit. I've since contacted Kaiser and to get conversion coverage outside the group will double the premiums to $822-1004 depending on co-pay/deductible.

The MFSOB could have kept the group together but increased our share of the premium and saved us 50%.

I'm 54 with PECs and going round and round over wether I should go into debt to maintain health insurance or take the chance I can make it through to 2014. I'm so angry but maybe more frustrated and feeling powerless. I'm grateful to have a place to rant a bit.

Sat Dec 01, 2012 at 11:41 AM PT: Thanks for all the great advice and commiseration. There's so much expertise here on the in and outs, navigating this maze.  PICP advice is appreciated and I'll check it out along with other links. I so agree with that employer provided ins is bullshit. But I'm also so pleased to see how the community steps up with concern, compassion and practical advice for all of those sharing here. Yes, rktect, you need to get your wife to the doctor. Thanks you all.

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